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Product features
What's Included?
  • Instrument Racks of various styles ranging from ambience, impacts, transition effects, kits, melodic and arped multi sampled instruments, and multi layered ensembles.
  • Tempo synced rhythmic loops.
  • Template sets (multiple instruments and clips preselected record enabled and ready to be launched, played, and performed)
  • Live demo sets that show Metalix in action and can be manipulated, performed, or re-arranged.
Performance Ready Workflow
The instruments (presets) and clips (loops) are seamlessly integrated into Ableton Live, which makes for a smooth workflow with easy to use intuitive user controls. Each instrument uses Live's Rack format, with the 8 Macro Controls meticulously mapped to provide powerful top-level control for immediate tweakability. This also means that all of the instruments and loops are ready to be mapped to a hardware controller or automated directly in Live.
The FX
  • Attack & Release
  • Reverb
  • Filter Delay
  • Arpegiator
  • Filter Cuttoff
  • Resonance
This makes sound sculpting each instrument intuitive and easy. On top of this, all clips and presets are production ready, custom tailored and mastered using Live's powerful audio effects.
Metalix For Ableton Live

Metalix is a toolkit of morphed metallic instruments, percussives, atmospheric soundscapes, pads, and tempo-synced audio loops for cinematic music production. Based on recorded metallic instruments and sounds, Sample Logic has once again revolutionized sample programming by creating never before heard evocative organic instruments and bombastic loops. Following in the footsteps of Sample Logic's long tradition of award-winning products that "blur the line between music and sound design", Metalix is a must have for musicians, performers, and producers of all types.

Whether using Live as your main DAW or ReWired as a slave application, this product is a must have addition to your musical tool palette and works perfectly along side with Acoustix. Metalix is more than just a playable set of sampled instruments and loops, it's a library of sounds that will stand the test of time.
Metalix works exclusively with Suite 8, Live 8 or Live Intro and is available only as a direct download.

Tech Specs
  • Direct Download
  • 215 instrument Racks
  • 64 tempo synced rhythmic loops.
  • 12 template sets
  • Live demo sets
  • Designed exclusively for Live
  • Mac/PC
  • Live Intro or Live 9 Standard (version 9.0.1 or higher) is required
  • 2GB of RAM recommended
  • 2GB of free disk space
msrp: $379.96
total: $299.99