What the pros say
Bill Brown

Infinity has one of the coolest interfaces I’ve played with to date that combines and morphs eight different patches into one easily programmable, massive patch. The results yield some pretty epic atmospheres and rhythms.

Eishi Segawa

Cinematic Guitar Infinity is a great tool for creating guitar & bass riffs with stutter beat. It allows you to creatively and intuitively produce a complex and unique rhythmic patterns. It’s a huge time saver for the modern score productions.


Cinematic Guitars Infinity: This Instrument is an amazing addition to my arsenal for all things epic and etherial. CG combines Pristine guitars to the richest pads and aggressive rhythm patches to satisfy any project either as a complimentary instrument or the main foundation to a score. Very satisfied and so so much more to discover!

James Sizemore

Cinematic Guitars Infinity is the culmination of everything I love about Sample Logic. Starting with a single sample, meticulously recorded, it offers an infinite amount of possibilities through it’s deep processing and synthesis engines.

John Debney

CG Infinity is a fantastic library. Quality samples and tweakability is key and you get that in spades with Infinity. I love how quickly I can take the presets and make them my own. Really helpful stuff. Definitely going in the palette.

Jordan Rudess

Sample Logic’s CGI is incredibly impressive. Within moments I was inspired and began creating new music. The depth of control within the software is impressive. That plus the ease of use gives this a big JR thumbs up!

Rod Abernethy

I was off and running with CG Infinity the minute I played the first multi. This is not your Dad’s guitar library…these are score ready sounds from the future and made to bend the rules

Robin Finck
(Lead Guitarist for Nine Inch Nails)

Cinematic Guitars Infinity exceeded my expectations from the start and continues to tool a treasury of bright ideas. Dark ones too.

Tom Salta

I’ve known Steve Ouimette for years and have always been a fan of his incredible guitar tones. Now that Sample Logic has completely redesigned the UI, allowing for almost limitless sound variations, not to mention including everything from CG1 & CG2, it makes Cinematic Guitars Infinity a no-brainer for me.